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Parent Coordination in Frederick County, MD

Co-parenting is never easy. It requires sacrifice, discipline, and above all, cooperation between two people who may not exactly be on friendly terms. But for the well-being of the children involved, co-parenting is essential to provide a safe and stable home life. That’s where parent coordination services in Frederick County, Maryland, can help.

The role of the parenting coordinator is outlined by the authority granted in a court order or by the agreement of both parties. They may make temporary decisions for the parents or help other professionals in the case regarding custody outcomes. They help guarantee that both parents are fulfilling their obligations to their children and complying with all court recommendations.

This role is especially important in divorces involving abuse, substance addiction, or other cases that are high in conflict. 

Here at the Law Office of Laura N. Venezia, we offer expert family law services in Frederick County, Maryland, and the surrounding areas. Our parenting coordinators can help you and your ex maintain efficient and productive communication while ensuring the best outcome for your family. 

We know that all families are unique, and that’s why we take the time to get to know all the people involved and provide the most personalized service we can. In addition, we use our experience in family law to navigate complicated situations and protect children from the stressors of a contentious divorce. 

Give your children the best possible outcome, with parenting coordination services from the Law Office of Laura N. Venezia. Call now to learn more!