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QDRO & Family Attorney in Maryland

Welcome!  If you are here, you are probably anticipating a change in your family status, or sorting out the details of a recent divorce.  Since 1998, I’ve been assisting people like you to navigate the legal system and resolve family matters. All families are unique, so the solutions to family matters must be unique as well.  My goal is to help you find your unique solution in these areas:

Recent Blogs

Why You Need Your QDRO Done Sooner Rather Than Later

You’ve just left the courthouse after presenting your agreement and giving testimony to the magistrate in an uncontested divorce. Or maybe today was the t...
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What Is Mediation?

We’ve all heard the stories. You know, the ones about how the ex-spouse “took me to the cleaners” or where he or she “just walked out an...
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Federal Phased Retirement & How It Impacts Alternate Payees

In most divorces, retirement splits are relatively straightforward: Retirement accounts and benefits are split based on a calculation determined by the court or...
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Laura was terrific. She was informative, 100% supportive and knowledgeable. She was attentive to my needs and the needs of my case. She went above and beyond my expectations. I will recommend her to anyone who needs an attorney in her area of expertise.

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