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What Is Mediation?

We’ve all heard the stories. You know, the ones about how the ex-spouse “took me to the cleaners” or where he or she “just walked out and left us with nothing.”

The emotional turmoil, fear, and anxiety of divorce has been the subject of innumerable movies and television shows.

Let’s face it – divorce is an adversarial process with attorneys “fighting” for their clients, and many times the parties can justifiably see themselves as “winners” and “losers.” But it’s important to remember that all divorces are different, and it doesn’t have to be that way for you just because that’s what you heard from a friend or saw on TV.

Mediation, which is an alternative to long-term judicial management of your divorce case, is a better way for many people.

Family law mediation is essentially a negotiation between two parties which is facilitated by a neutral third-party mediator. The mediator is often an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who does not advise either party but rather helps them find common ground and explore options for resolution.

The parties participate voluntarily, which means they control the process.

Mediation sessions are usually done over Zoom and are scheduled for two hours at a time. At the beginning of the session, the mediator gives an overview of the process and asks each party about they issues that are most concerning to them.

If, at the end of two hours, the parties are making progress, they can agree to continue. Subsequent sessions may also be scheduled.

In fact, it often takes a few sessions to reach the goal of developing a written agreement. Each party may want to have the draft agreement reviewed by an attorney before it is filed with the court in support of an uncontested – and much less stressful, less expensive – divorce.

Some divorce cases do end up in court with the judge deciding who gets what and how much time the kids spend with each parent.

In Frederick, and in many other counties in Maryland, however, family law cases of all kinds are routinely referred to mediation before a trial date is even set.

Judicial economy is often cited as a reason for mediation, meaning there are many more cases than there are trial time slots. More importantly, though, from the couple’s perspective, an agreement reached in mediation can provide the sense of fairness and satisfaction that makes for a boring movie but a settled and forward-looking life.

Mediation Attorney in Frederick, MD

At the Law Office of Laura Venezia, we have years of experience acting as mediator in all manner of family law cases. We work with you to come to the most agreeable, mutually beneficial solution and help you avoid going to court. Contact us today for mediation services!