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QDRO Attorney near Buckeystown, MD

Dividing up your financial assets in the wake of a divorce can be a daunting task. Some things can be agreed upon by a simple conversation between you and your ex-spouse. But other things require more thorough and official paperwork to ensure the financial security of both parties. One such decision is the division of retirement assets. That’s why you need a specific document known as a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, or QDRO. You will also likely need a QDRO attorney in Buckeystown, Maryland.

That is becasue QDRO is a complex legal document. It recognizes the entitlement of a former spouse, child, or dependent to the other spouse’s retirement plan. It instructs the administrator of the plan to send half the funds to you, or the company that manages an IRA for you.

If it is done incorrectly, even the smallest wording, it can be rejected or misinterpreted. In addition, getting the document fixed, if possible, can cost you huge penalties.

That’s why you need a trusted family lawyer to execute your QDRO. Here at the Law Office of Laura N. Venezia, we have years of experience drafting technical documents necessary to the divorce process. We ensure your retirement assets are divided quickly and correctly. 

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QDRO Services for Attorneys in Buckeystown, MD

If you are a divorce attorney, you understand the importance of appropriately allocating your time and expertise. So, if QDROs are not your specialty, the Law Office of Laura N. Venezia can help. 

We offer QDRO preparation services for attorneys in Maryland, saving you time and allowing you to focus fully on your clients case. Contact us to receive a quote today!

Family Law & Divorce Lawyer in Maryland

Divorce is a complicated and lengthy process, but having the right attorney can make it easier. 
The Law Office of Laura N. Venezia works with you and your ex-spouse to find amicable solutions in your divorce. If necessary, we fight for you in the courtroom, and we won’t stop until you receive the settlement you deserve.

We handle all matters of family law in Buckeystown, MD, such as:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Division of assets
  • 401K division
  • Pension division
  • QDRO
  • Parent relocation
  • Domestic violence

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